You're next



Summer was so into the movie that she literally screamed when he fell on her. “God stop making me scream Ry.”

"I’m so so sorry!" The male tried to look innocent. 


Summer playfully stuck her tongue at him and covered herself back to make herself warm.

Ry chuckled and looked at the screen but then he tried to find his cookies “ahh there they are” He looked next to his bed and then fallen out of the bed “fuu…”


Summer jumped once again putting her hand on her heart. “Fuck off.”She said grabbing the blanket and stood up to sit on the floor.

"Whats so.. I’m sorry okay moodruiner." He chuckled and looked at the screen. "Well i’m not gonna share my cookies with you."


"Well it is pretty scary to me."She said running her fingers through her dark hair.

"BOO." He laughed and then looked at the screen with a sight.


"I’m gonna stay up all night."She said laughing.

He chuckled and looked at the screen “I don’t think its so scary to be honest.”


"I’m seriously not gonna be able to sleep tonight."The girl said keeping her eyes wide open.

"Shhh shhh i’m here "


Summer laid her head on his shoulder and flicked her eyes open when she heard what he said. “Are—are you joking?”She asked pulling the covers over her face.image

"Nope now i’m not joking some people say so..that its real ghost story or something."



She gave him a warm smile and stroked his cheek. “It’s okay.”image

Ry chuckled and looked at the girl , then pulled her suddenly closer “i still can’t believe that some parts of this movie are really real..”


Summer jumped over to the other side of the couch covering her eyes. “This was not funny at all.”She said sitting right back up still covering her face.image

"I’m sorry? " He frowned. 

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